What kind of editing do you need? The editing process can be broken down into several distinct stages. I can guide your project through a particular phase, or through the entire process.

I can work on your project either on-screen or on hard copy, as you prefer.

Structural Editing (also known as Substantive Editing)

Once you have a completed draft, I can be your first objective reader. I’ll be looking to see if the manuscript works as a cohesive whole. Would a little reorganization help? Are any key points missing, or repeated too often? I can help clarify the content by pointing out where more explanation would be helpful. I can also condense the material if a lower word count is needed.

Stylistic Editing

Line by line, I can clarify meaning, eliminate jargon, and make sure that your prose flows smoothly. This may include adjusting the reading level to suit your intended audience, ensuring consistency of tone, and creating or recasting tables and figures.

Copy Editing

As your copy editor, I can edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and other mechanics of style. I will also check for internal consistency of facts.


This is the last stage of the editing process. Here I check the final document for any spelling or typesetting glitches, and make sure that design and style are consistent throughout.


Writing and Rewriting

I can create a document from scratch, working with content you provide or researching material as needed.

Do you have material that needs to be condensed? Written up as a report? I can do that also.

Plain Language

I can help you to convey complex ideas as straightforwardly as possible, in a style and language best suited to your intended readers.


I can format your manuscript to your specifications. Alternatively, I can select a suitable typeface and size for the text, and standardize the style of formatting elements such as spacing, margins, paragraphs, headings, footnotes, captions, quotations, lists, and tables.